KC Professional – Europe’s Top Hair Salon Beauty Brands

With so many new products coming to the market every year it’s understandable that business owners wonder which are the best hair care and styling lines for their salon use, and salon retail product sales. Every year the industry changes and customers gravitate to different product lines and specific products. Everyone is always looking for the new hit product. At KC Professional we offer everything your salon needs; products for your use, and for your clients to take home

Diverse Expertise in The Hair Industry – Professionalism You Can Trust

Established in 1997, KC Professional is an independent, Finnish hair product manufacturer of high-quality professional hair products. In Finland, as a wholesaler, we serve 10,000 salons and within the last few years, we have expanded all over Europe and Russia. Now it’s finally time to take over the US market. Our award-winning hair care and styling product families Four Reasons, Four Reasons Black Edition, No nothing Very Sensitive and Color Mask are modern, effective product lines with an unbeatable price-quality ratio.

We are a trendsetter in the hair industry and our selection includes numerous unique products such as our Silver Mist and Visible Silver Dry Shampoo. Our product selection is constantly renewed and new products are developed, while listening to feedback from our customers.

Our Finnish product families Four Reasons, No nothing Very Sensitive and Back To The Roots are manufactured primarily in Finland and Northern Europe in an ISO-14001 environmentally certified factory which and uses green power, methodically minimizing its impact on the environment.

We are proud to be a cruelty-free beauty brand. Our products never have, and never will be, tested on animals. KC Professional’s award winning designs attract customers to pick up our product. We understand looks are everything in the beauty industry, which is why we had the best design-team in Finland create our unique, eye-catching packaging.

Good packaging draws attention, and your clients’ hands will be itching to pick up and buy our product. With brands like Four Reasons, Four Reasons Black Edition, No Nothing and Color Mask, your salon’s product sales have the potential to sky rocket.

Our products are strictly professional and will only be sold to professional salons through our distributors and us. KC products will never be sold at supermarkets and drug stores.

It is our pleasure to always listen to our customers, and we take pride in doing business fairly. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

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